The volunteers who manage, run and maintain Snowball Plantation are committed to an ongoing development plan that improves the facilities provided for young people in Scouts, Guides and other youth organisation’s to enjoy opportunities for constructive activities, recreation, nature and learning through adventures at Snowball.

These developments are not always possible without support from donations, sponsorship, grants or materials provided by other organisations.

SPONSORSHIPS AND DONATIONS Are you interested in providing sponsorship for any of our ongoing projects, supporting us with donations of good, equipment or making a donation towards the management of the site?  If so, please contact Tony, the Management Team Chair on or any of our other Management Team by email – you will find their details here CONTACT US. See below for details of some of the organisations that have helped us.


Snowball Plantation is wholly managed and run by a team of committed volunteers, who would welcome any additional help that you might be able to provide.  You could have practical, technical, media, organisational or people skills that you would like to use for the ultimate benefit of the young people.  We currently have particular vacancies that require the following:

WARDENS                    MARKETING                    MEDIA                     FUNDRAISING

Please contact Tony by emailing for further details.  If you provide your contact details we will get in touch and have an informal chat.

CAN YOU HELP ON OUR WORKDAYS?  If you have practical site maintenance skills come down and join the team of volunteers, or contact our Estates Manager, Dan, by emailing

Conservatory entrance to Snowball Lodge – In the autumn of 2016 Snowball Plantation were successful in their bid for £1000 of funding towards the conservatory entrance to Snowball Lodge.  This will allow the young people to be able to remove their outdoor wear before entering the building and keep the inside of the main hall clean and uncluttered.

Thank you Aviva Community Fund for providing this opportunity to organisations like ours, and make it possible for us to provide additional facilities that benefit our future generations.

We would like to say a very big thank you to Portakabin in providing us with materials to make the lockers we needed in which we will store some of our smaller items of activity equipment.  Our Service Team designed the locker unit and Portakabin, very kindly, also arranged for the wood to be cut to the right sizes for our team to  put the unit together.  The unit is pictured here,  our Team just need to varnish these and add locks to be ready to go.

Thank you Portakabin for the very useful donations of materials, specialist equipment and time.