Snowball Policies


Caring for our customers is an essential part of the running of Snowball Plantation and as volunteers involved in Scouting, it is also part of our culture. This policy records what customers can expect from those involved in the running of Snowball Plantation to show our commitment to customer care.

A customer is anyone who uses our services and upon whom we rely for income, business or support.

Customer Service Standards


Always put our customers first

Always listen to our customers

Be open and honest in our dealings with customers and our community

Act in accordance with the Scout Law and Promise


Always let our customers know who they are dealing with

Aim to reply to correspondence and telephone calls within 7 days

Correspondence and publications will be clear, accurate and in plain language

Always be friendly, helpful, fair and polite

Snowball Plantation volunteers

Always wear name badges or show identification

Always introduce ourselves

Wait to be invited in


Always treat complaints seriously

Always deal with complaints in accordance with our complaints procedure


Comments, compliments and complaints will be collated by the Management Committee Administrator and reported to the Management Committee. Comment cards are available in the centre information folder or from the site warden.

Where there is an issue to tackle or response required the administrator will forward to the appropriate person.

We aim to provide a service we are proud of and would expect to receive ourselves.