Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy

Snowball Plantation have an established health and safety policy. There is also a child protection policy, with agreed procedures, in which all incidents of suspected child abuse will be reported to the local Police and Social Services Department for investigation.

A Health and Safety Sub-committee meet regularly to discuss health and safety issues. Recognition: Nothing can be absolutely free from risk; therefore nothing can be absolutely safe. Health and Safety legislation requires that all Risks should be reduced to a level as low as reasonably practicable. Risk assessment techniques used to achieve this have involved:

  • Identifying hazards resulting from the organisations activities affecting anyone. including members and the general public;
  • Assessing the risks of hazards occurring;
  • Evaluating the likely severity of the outcome;
  • Eliminating hazards where ever possible, or else reducing them to lowest level of risk that is reasonably practicable.

Snowball Lodge

As advised by Local Fire Service we do not require a ‘Fire Certificate’, but following a survey [made at our request] they made a number of recommendations and during 2000 and in early 2001 Snowball Lodge was extensively refurbished which included the installation of :-

Fire doors, Fire walls, and ceilings; along with a renewed smoke and heat detection system, [all as recommended by the Local Fire Service]. The fire alarm, which is linked to the intruder alarm has ‘central monitoring’.

The central heating boilers have been fitted with automatic ‘cut-outs’ in the event of fire [and are subject to annual inspection].

‘Crib 5’ fire retardant mattresses are provided on all beds, and fire retardant curtains and linings provided throughout the building.

No flammable substances to be stored in the building.

Illuminated fire exit signs and emergency lighting is installed throughout.

Suitable fire extinguishers are provided in the building, and a fire blanket is provided in kitchen [an annual inspection is carried out by a competent supplier].

The Lodge has been completely rewired electrically throughout [full safety checks conducted and relevant certificates issued].

Snowball Lodge is double glazed throughout, with toughened safety glass.

Non-slip vinyl flooring provided in bathrooms and kitchen.

Annual testing of portable electrical items (e.g. kettles and water heater], and of other equipment provided.

For emergencies a coin operated telephone is provided in Snowball Lodge.

Snowball Lodge is fully adapted for use by the disabled, to include external wheelchair ramps and access to all parts of building [except the kitchen], and provision of a drying room.

A ‘Fault book’ is provided for Snowball Lodge users which is checked weekly, repairs carried out immediately either by our service team or suitably qualified contractors.

An Accident book with loose leaf pages for reporting injuries / accidents [with a section identifying cause of accident for remedial action to be taken if required [i.e. risk identification].

Infection control through weekly programme of cleaning, and provision of cleaning implements for Snowball Lodge users. Contract with local authority to remove rubbish weekly.

Separate toilets and showers for males and females, however no showers designated for adult use, [adults are reminded not to use them at the same time as children].

If required a separate toilet [adjacent to the drying room, entered from outside the building classed as a disabled toilet], can be designated for the sole use of adults.

The Lodge has an entry/exit gate [which must not be locked while Centre is in use].

There is no permanent warden provided during the week for security cover, but during the week members of the Management Committee, Service Team, and Police make visits, duty wardens are normally in attendance at weekends.

Since 1998 a number of improvements have been carried out, and when the funding is in place further developments will be implemented.

  • Woodland -The management and process of removing old and dead trees and tree stumps is an ongoing process.
  • Rabbits and moles – A continuous humane cull to remove the risk of divots to prevent ‘tripping’ accidents.
  • Vehicular access is restricted to the car park and speed humps are in place on the drive to regulate vehicle speeds. Cars are prevented from being driven on to the perimeter track [giving access to camp-sites] by locked barriers.
  • Toilets and washing facilities for campers are cleaned at least once a week by Snowball staff and are to be replaced by a modern structure [when funding is available] with the provision of hot showers.
  • The existing wooden storm hut subject of temporary repairs, but is usable and is to be replaced with a permanent building fragile roof signs are exhibited where necessary.
  • A Ban on fires, except on altar fires which are provided on camp-sites, or the camp-fire circle.
  • A Ban on axes being used at the Centre (unless supervised by an Adult); bush saws are permitted and to be used at the main wood pile.

Risk Assessment

The Scout Association’s POR requires that all groups undertake their own risk assessment. This is also advisable for all other groups booking the site. The assessment below is provided as a guide only.

Snowball Plantation Risk Assessment